The CoMarketing Platform

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WorldcApp is The CoMarketing Platform. This means that with our b2b software solution the best brands can build a large and profitable community in a climate of competition between content creators, collaboration with the media and cooperation among b2c partners - a concrete opportunity to implement a 360-degree communication strategy!


Weights of WorldcApp

What forms of competitions, collaborations and cooperations do we refer to and how does the WoW (Weights of WorldcApp) algorithm enable you to combine them?

Let’s start from competition and collaboration.

Everyone using WorldcApp competes. They do that either with their creativity or with their ability to identify the best creative contents in competition. Collaboration with The Media, enabled by our technology, allows you to reach as many content creators and consumers as possible. As an example, imagine that the community of one of our clients is consulted to decide the cover of a next issue of a magazine. If you have a creative idea, you can put forward your content. If you don’t, you can wait for the final list of creative competitors and then partecipate with your ability to identify the best next cover.

Now, let’s put cooperation into the equation.

You as our client can use WorldcApp to join marketing forces with non-competing companies sharing the same target audience. Take two plumbers to understand. They are competitors and cannot exchange referrals. But if you take a plumber and an electrician, they can do that and become stronger on the market, Why? it is possible because they share the same potential customers without being competitors. Well, the same happens in WorldcApp with your complementary and non-competing b2c partners: your community can see their contests and vice versa.

Finally, let's see how the WoW algorithm enables you to combine them.

With competition and collaboration you build your own community; with cooperation you convert it into an additional revenue stream. In fact, your members are a valuable target audience for complementary and non-competing companies.

Furthermore, with our method to draw up the rankings, you create a merit-based purchase incentive system not only for the users you directly invited to WorldcApp, but also for those brought in by your network of partners.

Will it work?

Well, there is reason for optimism if an expert like Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola, predicts "that eventually, all businesses that reach people at scale will start to show ads as an additional revenue stream."


From business-to-consumer to business-to-community Culture


If your brand wants to significantly improve sales performance, this is the best place to be! And it is because we are talking about a concrete opportunity to implement a 360-degree communication strategy that involves all the players in the marketing and advertising field:

0 - A strategic Partnership with Jamal Taslaq Couture allows us to gather creatives of all types through the VENUS Gallery editorial project. Visit the following website and download the related App to get the bigger picture:;

1 - ARTISTS, CONTENT CREATORS and INFLUENCERS play the role of creative #COMPETITORS in our WoW (Weights of WorldcApp) algorithm and provide your brand with marketing services through their social accounts;

2 - THE MEDIA and B2C PARTNERS, while playing the role of #EXPERTJURY in our algorithm, bring the competitions and the related creative contents to a wider audience with our technology (test one of our WINLINKS with a smartphone; if you need, find the related QR code below);

3 - CUSTOMERS and BRAND ENTHUSIASTS play the role of #POPULARJURY in our algorithm and as community members challenge each other with their ability to identify the best content in competition to win rewards and discounts (go through The Premium Hesitation approach for more details).

The organization of competitions and the related capability of bringing them to the attention of a measurable and targeted audience, is the source of income that makes the WorldcApp project sustainable and profitable.


Now CREATIVITY also has its World Cup