Taslaq World

From the Eternal City to the World with Timeless Style


The Brand tells the story of an extraordinary journey that takes Jamal Taslaq from Nablus in Palestine to New York at the United Nations headquarters, via (Made In) Italy. A path life that makes his name synonymous with union between peoples, cultures, traditions and now, with Taslaq World, innovations.

Taslaq World is in fact a joint venture between Jamal Taslaq couture and WorldcApp where we use our cooperative technology combined with a sophisticated configurator for made-to-measure customization. By starting from the best Haute Couture creations, advanced CoMarketing practices and a new phygital approach applied to tailor-made men's fashion, we will tell the Jamal's fascinating story through the lifestyle it inspires.

Furthermore, the project will grow in the Silicon Valley Ecosystem through the INNOVIT accelerator in San Francisco.