From business2consumer to business2community Culture

WorldcApp designed and developed a digital platform (Patent Application Filed on 11 December 2020, PCT/IB2021/050916) to provide advertising and marketing services in a climate of fair and merit-based competition (#CompetitiveMarketing).

WorldcApp enables you (and any company or organisation in general) to manage in an innovative way every competition in which you need, or want, to draw up a ranking following a joint assessment expressed by a jury of experts and a popular jury.

WorldcApp is a very powerful tool to get the best and the maximum possible participation and engagement from your community of readers, viewers, enthusiasts, users or customers and, at the same time, to make decisions and assessments that match the reputation of your brand.

WorldcApp is also the VENUS Gallery and SHINY Media publisher and the VENUS & CULTURE organizer.

For all the reasons mentioned above, WorldcApp is for B2C Companies looking to improve their sales performances and develop their communities, by taking full advantage of an army of micro (brand ambassadors), small, medium, big Influencers and Media Companies working seamlessly together.

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