Business Model

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Imagine that a (potential) customer likes an item in one of your phygital (physical and/or digital) stores and saves it to their wishlist. Well, this is one of the "hesitations" that, among many others, can be transformed into an amazing marketing opportunity by offering an option through our Win Links. In fact, when people tap/click on them we open WorldcApp - now Creativity also has its World Cup!

Anyone who uses WorldcApp competes either with their creativity or with their ability to judge other’s, as a member of the expert or popular jury. Brands grouped by complementarity - as per our Vision - significantly improve sales performance by joining marketing forces, celebrating creativity in all its forms and offering discounts meritocratically.

More in detail:


With the Win Links strategically placed in collaboration with the media, you invite your (potential) customers to join the community;


With cooperation among complementary and non-competing brands, you multiply its members and get an extended community;


By displaying ads to your members and offering discounts according to the ranking positions, you monetize the points 1 & 2.