As said, VENUS Gallery gathers creatives of all types/sizes and when there is a project for WorldcApp, we select the best artists, content creators, influencers and brand ambassadors to make a competition plan that celebrates creativity in all its forms and projects the best image of our clients. In fact, when you celebrate creativity, the brands involved in it become even more prestigious. At this point, we bring the competitions, their contents and some sponsored elements that make the project sustainable and profitable, to a wide audience inside and outside the (Worldc)App.

Inside the app, it is the WoW (Weights of WorldcApp) algorithm that manages the (sponsored) views among b2c companies sharing the same target audience, according to the complementarity principle. Take two plumbers or two electricians to understand it with an analogy. They are competitors and cannot exchange referrals. But if you take a plumber and an electrician, they can take full advantage of CoMarketing and become stronger on the market. Why? it is possible because they share the same potential clients without being competitors.

Here is what happens outside the app. Imagine that - as per our vision - many B2C companies are grouped by complementarity and adopt the following approach: (potential) customers visit the phygital (physical and/or digital) stores of the brands. When they like an item but don't want to buy it right away, they save it to the wishlist. This is one of the "hesitations" that - among many others that can be identifyed on our clients channels and on those of their media partners - can be transformed into an amazing marketing opportunity by offering an option: we strategically add our WIN LINK next to your BUY BUTTON and when a user taps on it, as per the image above, we open WorldcApp - now Creativity also has its World Cup!